Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Best of 2006

It's been a pretty crazy year folks. Lots of things have taken place in the life & times of RevRee, personally, emotionally and professionally. I've tried to take you all along on some of my silly adventures, ideas, emotions and experiences. I hope you've all found something that's touched you "deeply" enough to come back and visit my blog every now and then. (good touch, NOT bad touch..)

Anyway, with that said, I wanted you, my blogging friends, to choose which blog post in 2006 you enjoyed the most! I've created a list that's linked to the original blog post along with a short snippet from each post throughout the year. Please make your votes count! (your comments will be counted as a vote. Vote now, vote often!)


  • How to build a Sex Bomb (Out of everyday household items)
    "So here's the deal, using everyday household products for sexual pleasure can liven up your sexual experience. The possibilities are endless! With that thought, I've taken the time to put together a small list, of just a few of the everyday items a couple could use.

    Masking tape: This can be very sexual if done in the right manner. Having the female carefully wrap each of her fingers slightly above the fingertip so as to leave the edges of the masking tape exposed. She mounts her partner from the back side while they're laying on the bed/floor/ground and every so softly and seductively traces her fingers across his back and shoulders

This was one of my personal favorite blog posts. I honestly think this would be a great success in the book world and I can't wait for the publishing house to call me back....

  • Hand Porn
    "I first discovered my taste for hands when I was at the innocent age of 16 years old. The neighbor boy who was 18, wanted to pet my pussy... At first I was a little shy about the whole idea of him touching my sweet little pussy. But he seemed really nice, so I let I even took a picture!..."

As some of you know, I really, really REALLY like hands. This post has a very personal touch to it, as the pictures posted drive me insane and were taken just for me!!!

  • Awareness Month
    "Save the Breasts" What man in his right mind wouldn't want to help save boobies? Even gay men, from what I've been told, love Breasteses!Raise awareness, raise money. It's a win, win situation!..."

I actually think this is a great idea and a great post. Hell, they're all greats posts, who am I kidding? I made them all, of course they're all genius HA! Anyway...

  • How NOT to pick up a chick at a bar 101
    "He burst out and then laughs loudly and grabs my arm wrapping his arms around mine and then proceeds to do some kind of, leaning and swing thing??? I'm pretty sure he read in a book some where..."

This really got a lot of comments when I first posted this. It's funny how people really enjoy when a weirdo tries to pick me up...

  • Attention Ladies
    "Some women have the tendency to get so serious and attached themselves to someone before they really get a chance to know about him and who they are. This is due to the fact that society has brainwashed them in to thinking, listen honey, you aren't getting any younger, your eggs aren't going to last forever. You better snatch yourself up a man before it's to late!!!!!!!..."

This is one of my more serious posts, with a few funny things. But it was meant to give you a slight peek inside some of my thoughts.... What? Stop looking at me like that...I'm not crazy, I swear!!! Shudup!

  • I'm Addicted
    "People, I'm here to tell you it's an evil web of Satan and It's taking over my very soul! I thought I could stop when I wanted. But when I feel that smooth vibration against my thigh, I can't help but tingle as I know I've just received another "important" text!...

This post just cracks me up! Yes, I'm still attempting to get through my 12 steps...

  • Shudup!!!
    "Seriously, do these people go online, spending countless hours looking up jokes? Just so they can share them with co-workers, family members and yes even the bum on the street?? Why can't they take up underwater basket weaving or macaroni art??? Instead they harass people with these countless attempts at humor!?!..."

I really was in a bad, bad mood the day I wrote this post. I really don't dislike bad jokes that much...ok, alright maybe I do...don't even think about it!

  • Jiffy "LUBE"
    "I watch through the window out to the garage as all 7 of these Chip & Dale mechanics work on my car. I soon realize that I'm just staring at these guys and at one point I think I even started to drool. I finally had to snap myself out of this sexual trance..."

I still think someone was taping this and it's airing on some cable television station, and people are still laughing at me! Sometimes, just to be safe, I'll say out loud "I KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON!!

  • Kiss & Tell
    "The Big Gulp Kisser: This type of kisser has no regard for the other participant in the art of kissing. The kisser loses all control of their saliva glands and they just let the "water" flow... It really isn't a pleasant sight or experience. I've been told that some have even gagged and almost drowned when this type of kissing occurs..."

I still go back to this post for sheer amusement every now and then. I honestly think it's a great guideline for kissing techniques and practices...

  • Be my Anti-Valentine
    "It's really sad that people are made to feel bad because they don't have a freakin' loved one in their life. Because I'm one of those people, I've come up with a few tips on how to endure this dreaded day..."

This post if full of useful "anti-valentines day" tips and ideas to really make any single persons February 14th a memorable one.

  • Everything's possible with a Hoveround
    "I make my way slowly to the next isle of cheap lingerie as I find myself facing an old man in a hoveround looking at thongs. YES, I just said thong panties! I'm standing there, completely transfixed on this sight. I can't help but stare at this old man. He isn't paying attention to me at all, he's too enthralled with all the varieties of thongs one could possibly buy! ..."

Since writing this post, I still can't bring myself to make my way to the lingerie isles in Wal-Mart...I mean, not that I would go near a panties isle in Wal-Mart anyway, I'm just sayin'...


    Well folks, those are your choices for the best of 2006. I hope you enjoyed my blog this year and that I was at least able to make you smile, maybe turn some of you on a bit, laugh and even slightly amuse you with my view on life.

    I hope that the new year brings each and every single one of you success, hope, happiness, love and great sex!

    I'll see you in the NEW YEAR!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Blast this Christmas music. It's joyful and triumphant...

So, this Christmas will be my first Christmas away from friends and family. It won't be so bad, as I have to work both days. Yes, folks there is no holiday in broadcast news.

Someone very close to me has given me a gift which he gave me a week ago...I'll tell you, it's the hardest thing not to just rip that package open and see what wonderful presents he's gotten me!!! I look at it everyday with lustful, hungry eyes, hoping that it will some how speak to me, giving me some type of hint as to what's inside! Every, single, day, my friend reminds me "REVREE, STEP AWAY FROM THE BOX!"

Yes, if you were wondering, I did get him a gift too...but because the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE sucks, his package is lost someplace in Colorado! That's right, it's buried in 10 feet of snow in the mountains, I imagine. I'll tell you what, those "confirmation numbers" you get when you send a package, are worthless!!!! They don't confirm shit!

What about that saying, "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" YEAH RIGHT! I swear, if that package doesn't make it I'll...I'll...I'll.. I'll probably do nothing but it will really upset me! GRRRRROWL!

Anyway, I finally had to put my special little package away until Christmas, so it would stop taunting me.

My mother has said she will call me when everyone at home is about to unwrap gifts...I guess I'll sit and listen as all the kids scream and everyone has a great time without me. Then I'll hang up, go pour myself a bottle of really harsh wine and watch The Grinch....


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Recently I've had a lot of alone time, that's led to me doing a lot of thinking, that's led to me coming up with some pretty f'ed up stuff. Recently I had the most amazing idea of all time! It's so amazing, that I'm already talking with a publishing house in hopes of a book deal!

That being said, I thought I'd test my little idea out on my blogging buddies!

The title of my book will be...

So here's the deal, using everyday household products for sexual pleasure can liven up your sexual experience. The possibilities are endless!

With that thought, I've taken the time to put together a small list, of just a few of the everyday items a couple could use.

  • Masking tape: This can be very sexual if done in the right manner. Having the female carefully wrap each of her fingers slightly above the fingertip so as to leave the edges of the masking tape exposed. She mounts her partner from the back side while they're laying on the bed/floor/ground and every so softly and seductively traces her fingers across his back and shoulders.

*Another fun little activity is to take the masking tape and taping his or her mouth shut.*

  • Drinking Straw: I personally like to call this the "female blow job" This is when the male takes an everyday drinking straw (preferably a new one) and gently blows into the straw down in between her lovely thighs pointing directly at her sweet spot.

  • Sharpie: This can be used as a very important tool when wanting to map out each and every detail of what you want to do to your partner. You can also use different colors for each area of your mates body to make a colorful display of sexual words and directions.

  • Scissors: One of the more popular utensils as you can imagine. With this tool you can slowly cut away each piece of clothing your lover is wearing or slowly trim away unwanted hair that may be in the way.

  • Koran: Read out loud all the naughty parts and watch your partner go wild! Allah wills it!!

  • Spatula: Just another tool to tap dat ass!

  • Post-it Notes: Who wouldn't get excited at the sight of post-it notes with dirty little messages covering all the special parts of your sexual partners body?!

  • Salad Tongs: If you and you're mate are really daring and want to be totally inappropriate.

These are just a few of the many, many, MANY useful household tools that can be used to build your very own, customized Sex Bomb! If none of the above items caught your eye, try using, Elmers glue, White-out, Rubber gloves, Pipe cleaners, Clothes pins, Rubber bands or a Spray bottle!

Copyright 2006: RevRee Inc.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ragtime Blues

As you know, I've been attempting to find new friends in my new home state. The other night, I was invited over for some drinks and Texas hold em. I'm a pretty big fan of the game and I don't do so bad. Some of you are probably thinking, (Damn, she's cute, she's sexy, she's smart, funny, clever AND she plays poker) Well, sadly this post isn't about poker at all actually.

This post is really about the very serious subject of the female menstruation cycle and how it can really fuck up your night and quite possibly scar you for life...

Let me explain... last night we were playing poker, having a very nice time by the way, as I was on "top" (winning) I feel something between my legs... I was assuming the guy sitting next to me was getting fresh. But, his fingers felt kinds cold and wet...

I turn to look at him and he's looking down at his card....holding them with BOTH HANDS!!!!!

Ladies and gentleman, I was being molested by the family dog!! This was no small dog either, this thing was huge! Ha ha ha ha yeah laugh it up, we all know I like "huge" but not a damn dog, a damn Doberman going after my sweet parts! Did I mention I was riding the red tide, so to speak.

Apparently, as I did some research, dogs have a really good sense of smell....apparently...

Also, apparently, when aunt flows in town, I get ravenous with sexual thoughts running over and over and over and over and over again in my head!!! Ohhh GOD! They just won't stop!

Everything seems to arouse me, making me want to do very naughty things! I walk around all day with tingles running through my body, attempting to keep from having slight orgasms throughout the day.

A side note about orgasms... a friend of mine was recently sitting in the dentist office and he was browsing through a magazine and found an article about women and sneezing. Supposedly there is a new anti-depressant drug that heightens the feeling when a women sneezes sending her in to an uncontrollable orgasm.... Just think, happy all the time and orgasms! I want that drug!

And so, I'm sure you're wanting to ask, what's the damn purpose of this post? Well, I'll tell ya, don't go to your new friends place while on your period when they have dogs because they can smell it... Oh yeah, and I'm super horny when I'm menstruating....

Which is now...