Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I usually don't enjoy these silly Tag games. But, this one isn't so bad, I think I could actually have a little fun with this. Along with that fact that you will learn some things new about me!

A fellow bloggers and Chat buddy Willo's Web has "tagged" me. Apparently, I have to post six odd things about myself, then I'll pick six lucky bloggers to dig deep into their souls and post six weird things about themselves! Sounds like fun, right?....ok, maybe not. But it's to late, I'm doing it anyway!


#1. I have a huge attraction to men's hands. OK, maybe it's an obsession. Alright, alright it's a fetish! I Just can't seem to get enough of them. I even dedicated an entire blog post to the male hand. Sometimes I'll be talking to a guy and all of a sudden I'll find myself extremely turned on. Simply because I kept looking at his hands and my mind started to wonder mmmmmmmmmm... please excuse me for a moment...

#2. I'm deathly afraid of clowns. I think they're hiding something behind that big ass grin. Who wouldn't be dangerous and or hiding something walking around with a huge FAKE smile, floppy shoes and a red nose?!!! I once stayed at the Circus Circus in Vegas...they actually have a clown channel! I'll just say, trying to get close with someone while that's on in the background is really creepy!

#3. I have a dimple on each of my shoulder blades. When I was a young girl, I'd go swimming, the boys would see my dimples and say EWWW! I asked my mother why I had them, she said I was touched by an angel and one day my future husband would love them & kiss them. Well, I haven't found a husband yet, I guess I shouldn't tell my mom I've been testing out different kisses HA!

#4. I like Tom Jones. I know, I know! You've all heard me so many times talking about the man. But, I can't stress to you enough how much I enjoy his music. Seriously listen, if you've never taken the time to actually listen to any of his songs, please at least consider it. I promise you, it will be an awesome experience and you too will be singing "It's not Unusual"!!

#5. I love war movies! Ever since I was young. I always get excited to watch a good war movie. I remember when the movie GLORY came out, I was so enthralled with the whole story plot, the violence and the drama. Someone once asked me, why I liked War movies, "they're so depressing.... they said. My response was that they inspire me, they excite me, I find them to be touching, they dig deep into my emotions and I feel, I empathize and I have such gratitude for the men who fought, on both sides.

#6. I'm a half & half (half black & half white) with green eyes, need I say more?

Well, there it is boys and girls. Six weird things about me. I hope you feel a little closer to me and learned a little more about who RevRee is. Now, as I said, I'm suppose to pick six fellow bloggers and request that they post six weird things about themselves on their own blogs.

DAMNIT, Willo tagged my part-time internets husband
Mighty Dyckerson! Oviously I can't include him!

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  • Thursday, May 25, 2006


    Quite a few people have asked me what I want for my birthday. I honestly don't have one thing I really want. I've never really been a person who's madly impressed by "things". Yes of course, there's a few "things" I'd like...but my blog might be pulled if I were to say them here...HA!

    I would love to get the Deadwood Season 2 DVD set, but it's so freakin expensive. I mean Timothy Olyphant is sizzling hot, but I just don't feel as though $99.99 for a DVD is seriously worth it.

    I've also found this new musical artist Xavier Rudd Which on a side note, I've been trying to get one of his CD's in town. But it's almost impossible. I suppose I could order it online, the problem is, I want it now damnit!! If you get a chance, listen to some of the songs on the site. I'm pretty sure the majority of you will be pleasantly pleased!

    I enjoy being surprised (doesn't everyone?). I want people to think about what they know about me, who I am and try to find something they think I would enjoy. You know, put some thought in to it. So, I tell most everyone when they ask me what I want, "surprise me!"

    To be honesty, it's pretty hard to surprise me actually. I'm usually to observant and way to clever for anyone to surprise me. When it comes to gifts given to me, 99.9% of the time, I swear I know what I'm getting. Some of you might think that's kinda cool...but I'm here to tell you it SUCKS!!!!

    There's one time that really stands out to me, where I was honestly surprised and touched by the Birthday gift that I was given. It was from a past boyfriend (He was a writer) The week of my birthday, each day of that week, he would give me part of a story he had written just for me. It might not seem like much to some of you...but it was something he did just for me. No one else would see and understand all the little things used in the story, only him and I. It was quite beautiful and to this day the best birthday present I've ever had. Although we've since ended our relationship, I still keep that story.

    ANYWAY, when it comes down to it, most of the time I've already figured out what the surprise is, sometimes days before I receive the gifts. I'm such a sweet girl, I never ever let the gift giver know, what I know. But, it's the fact that I know, what they know, ya know?

    Is it really because I'm just that damn good? Or is it because the other person isn't trying very hard to seriously surprise me? Maybe I should figure out a way to void out my super spidey senses and stop being so damn observant. Then maybe I could truly enjoy a nice surprise!!!!!!

    Sunday, May 21, 2006


    Ladies and gentleman, it's officially one week until my birthday! This birthday is by far one of the most important to for me, because it's my Golden Birthday. That's right, my Golden Birthday! I'm gonna be 28 on May 28! Now how freaking cool is that? I know, I know it's so freaking cool you can't seem to contain yourself. Now, settle down and let me finish.

    I will admit, I haven't been to successful with most of my birthday goals...ok ANY of my birthday goals. BUT I'm working on it! I swear!

    Anyway, I've got my Golden Birthday all planned! It's going to be a night of dancing, drinking and hopefully a "Happy Ending" for everyone! If, ya know what I mean Hee-hee-hee! I'll keep you posted!

    Friday, May 12, 2006

    Top Heavy

    Last night I went out with "Fred" once again....YES, YES! We've gone out quite a few times since my last post. This is one of the reasons why I've been slacking in my blogging. Forgive me, but when a seriously hot guy wants to be with me, you're all gonna have to wait!

    We both decided to try out a place we hadn't been to before. So, we went to this place in which I'll call "Glory Box". This place was filled with what would appear as suburbanite posers, with fake tits and hair. Ok, I'll admit that one of the reasons we choose this place was because of the amazing drink special. $5.00 cover & $1.00 drinks You tell me, how the hell can you pass that up? You can't!

    Anyway, we arrive, order our drinks and observe the place. There's an upper level to this venue, which was the dance floor. It was filled with prepubescent supple asses. I was amazed at some of these people walking around.

    At one point I'm telling "Fred" a story about something and this...this THING walks by me. I think it was female, but for all I know it could have been an alien. I say this because of what I observed before my eyes. I saw a white sun dress, I actually think it was just a long shirt. She was wearing white pumps and her entire body was darker then the skin God gave her.

    The most disturbing part was the upper half of this creature. Let's just say she was a bit top heavy... Ok, a LOT top heavy. The northern part of this "dress" had the equivalent of a string bikini. Then I see two bowling balls where her breastes should have been. We're talking DDD or maybe even an E!!! I stop in mid sentence, my jaw drops and I'm memorized...I can't stop looking at these melons. They were disgusting!!!!!!!! AHHHH MY EYES!, MY EYES!!!!! So hard, so stiff, so bold! I mean usually with natural breasts, you'll see some slight movement or a bounce here or there. But, with her....nothing...not a damn thing.

    To make things even more entertaining, she had one of those butterfly tattoos on her bare shoulder. I honestly don't know what this female looked like, I don't think anyone knows. Everyone's too controlled and memorized by her fakeness. Even I couldn't stop looking at them and I have my own boobs! I would have taken a few pics with my trusty camera phone, but I was entranced and couldn't get to it fast enough.

    I wonder how she sleeps at night? See, I enjoy sleeping on my tummy, but I don't think she could do that. I also wonder if those "things" move during sex?

    AHHHH! I have so many questions!!! I should have followed her to the bathroom and asked her a few. You think she would mind?

    Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    Red lipstick & Earrings

    So the other day I was talking with my mother, and of course as most parents of single adult children, she asks me "Anyone new in your life sweetie?" I am so freaking tired of this damn question that I usually make up a story about some renegade who I'm secretly seeing and I'm about to have his baby. Most of the time this makes my mother shout out "REVREE MARIE!!!"Heheheh It cracks me up every time!

    Sometimes, I'll share with my mom my current dating experiences. I did tell her a little bit about "Fred" Of course, I left out the entire drunk until he puked part....ok actually I didn't tell her a damn thing about him, not even his name. I simply told her I was going out for a drink with someone.

    Her exact words to me were as followed, "Make sure to wear earrings, and put on some lipstick! You always look so feminine when you wear earrings and lipstick..."

    Wow, thanks MOM! Gee, I'm sure the earrings and lipstick will guarantee to get me a man! Gosh, I almost fucked up the entire date! THANK YOU for reminding me. I mean, what would have happened if I hadn't put on earrings, let alone if I don't put on some BRIGHT RED lipstick! I wouldn't want to look like a bum!