Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Gonna TWEET the crap out of you!

Ladies and Gentlemen... I am pleased to announce that
The Life & Times of RevRee has now moved over to the twitter atmosphere! Although I can honestly tell you I have no idea why the hell I'm going over there or what the heck is with all the #hash tags and @signs...but I'm up for a new challenge, eager to learn new things and ready to take on the social media world. I hope this move will help me better communication with my loyal follower(s) (If you're all still alive?!)

Please join me... err I mean follow me @RevReee (I think that's my username???) This is going to be fun, we'll do this together...I promise I'll do my best to make you laugh, shock you, put you in awe and amaze you with The Life & Times of RevRee, now on TWITTER @RevReee Be there or you’re so not cool!!!!  

P.S. as you can see if you look to your right, I've added a button for easy access to my twitter page. Simply click and the internets will do the rest. Of course you'll have to actually follow me once you get to my page...but I'm sure you're smart enough for all that! LOVES!


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