Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Gonna TWEET the crap out of you!

Ladies and Gentlemen... I am pleased to announce that
The Life & Times of RevRee has now moved over to the twitter atmosphere! Although I can honestly tell you I have no idea why the hell I'm going over there or what the heck is with all the #hash tags and @signs...but I'm up for a new challenge, eager to learn new things and ready to take on the social media world. I hope this move will help me better communication with my loyal follower(s) (If you're all still alive?!)

Please join me... err I mean follow me @RevReee (I think that's my username???) This is going to be fun, we'll do this together...I promise I'll do my best to make you laugh, shock you, put you in awe and amaze you with The Life & Times of RevRee, now on TWITTER @RevReee Be there or you’re so not cool!!!!  

P.S. as you can see if you look to your right, I've added a button for easy access to my twitter page. Simply click and the internets will do the rest. Of course you'll have to actually follow me once you get to my page...but I'm sure you're smart enough for all that! LOVES!

Friday, October 21, 2011

When in doubt, breath through your mouth... or wear a gas mask!

Today, I'm going to talk to you about a slight Phobia that I have. It's not super crazy or weird or least I don't think it is...

I am afraid of smells. NOW, before you go and call me a freak, first hear me out! When I say that I am afraid of smells, I mostly mean human smells. I'm afraid of the way people smell. I am going to confess that I judge people in about 1.5 seconds on whether they smell or not. It's not something I can help. I really can't help it...

I've tried to give people a chance...but inevitably I end up breathing thru my mouth so I don't catch even a whiff of their stench. I don't care of you're skinny, fat, ugly, attractive, smart, dumb, red, yellow black or white.... I judge you ALL!

I can't really tell you what gives you a pass or fail in that 1.5 seconds of judgement... it's just a feeling or sense that I get inside of me that tells me whether I can trust your smell or not. It's as simple as that.

Now to be fair, I really have no idea if even the majority of people that I've decided NOT to smell even have a scent or stench at all because I just can't take that chance...I just can't!

I really don't know when this first started. I'm guessing it was when I was a small child. I found that whenever I smell a strong perfume or scented candle I get an instant headache. Needless to say, as a young girl whenever I came across a strong, unbearable, smell when I practiced this act, I couldn't smell a damn thing! GENIUS, I know!

(No I am NOT a "mouth breather" I just simply start breathing softly thru my mouth when I think you big deal, no one knows I'm doing it so stop judging me!)

With that being said, I think that's what led to the now more extreme problem of not wanting to smell people. Let me stop right here and say that the craziest part of this is that I love how my husband smells and the first day I met him, I took in a deep breath of his essence and was blown away by his goodness! (he passed the 1.5 second judgement) My family doesn't smell, of course I don't smell and I also don't judge new born babies as they smell wonderful!...But, yes, I'll say it, I judge most kids too (excluding children who are part of my family, they're cool)...

This leads me back to my previous statement that IF I deem you worthy of my smelling, I will in fact smell you...just remember you have exactly 1.5 seconds!

Being in the work world for over 15 years now, I've come across quite a few smelly co-workers. This is the worst and hardest part of my so-called "phobia". I've gone for hours breathing gently thru my mouth in fear of catching even a small tiny whiff of someones smelliness. I've taken a chance on a potentially smelly person before and I was seriously let down which heightened my shield.

To be honest with you, I don't think I really have a problem at all. I think I've mastered the art of eliminating smelly people from my life entirely. I can still be around them, I can still be a productive person in society and not have to smell one nasty human!

In closing, just remember, I'm not a "mouth breather" I'm a trained stealthy person who has mastered the art of breathing thru my mouth when needed to avoid harmful scents creeping thru the air that could damage me for life!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Honeymoon in Vegas

Hello my dear blogging friends! I know it's been like a year since my last confession, er I mean post. All I can say is that life can really take a road that devours up an entire year! So many things have taken place in the Life & Times of RevRee...I don't even know where to begin.

First of all, on October 16th I will be celebrating my first year Anniversary with my amazing husband "Flip"! It's hard to believe that it's been nearly 4 years since the day we met and already 1 year of marriage...

I suppose this post should be about where the frak I've been for the last year. But, instead I'm going to tell you all about our honeymoon! Isn't that exciting?!!....*cough* Hello?...

ANYWAY, as you can see from my post a year ago, I got married! The wedding was the most beautiful event ever...seriously is was fantastic! After our wedding, "Flip" and I decided to take a short 20 hour road trip to Las Vegas!

We left for Vegas at 2am Monday morning right after returning home from a 10 hour drive from our wedding. Then we had to drop the kids off, re-pack, then we headed right back out the door!

Needless to say, we made it for about 5 hours before "Flip" started seeing Sasquatches and gnomes running across the, we found a lovely Flying-J truck stop and closed our eyes for a moment...actually it was like 4 hours. Thankfully we didn't answer the knocking at our window of a "Lot Lizard"...AWKWARD!

Finally, bright and early that morning we get back on the road and saw some beautiful sights along the way...

Although some of you may think I stole these pictures from the Internets, I actually did take these photos! It's award winning stuff folks...the drive was long, we saw lots of mountains and lots of sand...the temperature went from 90 degrees to 40 degrees and raining once we reached Flagstaff...INSANE!

I am proud to say that I drove thru the wind and rain in the freakin' mountains while "Flip" took one last nap before entering the Nevada state line.

Once across state lines, we stopped at this little shack in the middle of nowhere..just like in the movies. I have to tell you, it was pretty AWESOME! You actually had to buy something if you wanted to use the bathroom...I have to admit, it's a genius idea because there's literally nowhere else to go! So, yeah...we had to buy something, cuz I had to go really bad!...what? I couldn't hold it!

After re-adjusting ourselves and "Flip" took over the driving duties...we made our way to the Hoover Dam at like was a fantastic sight! I'd show you pictures of that too, but my camera just wasn't working and I didn't get any good bad, sorry...

OK, FINALLY, we drive into the beautiful city of lights, Casinos, free XXX flyer's and $1.99 Buffets -LAS VEGAS!

We find the hotel, park the car, grab all our luggage and make our way inside the hotel lobby. Once inside, we hear this loud Asian woman say to us as we pass by "YOU WANT TO SEE FREE SHOW?" I tried to ignore her, but she kept saying "LADY, YOU WANT TO SEE FREE SHOW?" So we stop and say, "sure"...

(At this time, I'd like to point out that I KNEW the entire time it was a total scam! I just want to state that for the record. "Flip" was onto her as well and just wanted to play along to see what the Lady's "trick" was. So, we we played her little game for a few moments...)

She continues


"sure, we'll take 2 tickets to see the Blue man Group...they're free right?..."


We walk away...


We quickly speed walk away from the crazy Asian lady, trying to mix in with the crowd and get the frak away. We make our way to the check in line and finally it's our turn. Everything goes smoothly...we check in, get our keys to the room and head to the 15th floor.

We make out in the hotel elevator as we move up floors. (Hey, we're on our honeymoon, chill!)*DING* the elevator stops at our destination floor. We walk and walk down beautiful hallway after beautiful hallway...they all look the same. Anyway, we find our room take a deep breath and "Flip" opens the door...below is what we found in our room...

That's right folks, the room was in shambles!! It's like someone else had their honeymoon in OUR ROOM!!!! Needless to say, we weren't very happy. "Flip" got on the phone and politely demanded that this be fixed ASAP! The hotel manager came up to the room and was also devastated and disgusted with the sight. He apologized over and over again and said he had a honeymoon suit all ready for us on the 20th floor!

Below is what they gave us for $25 a night! I know, it's AWESOME!!!!

I won't go into detail, but I will say that the hot tub was pretty spectacular! If you look real closely at the picture of the hot tub... yeah, that's a window looking out onto the Vegas strip...and the window opens...that's all I'll say...

In was an amazing time that we will never forget. We had quite a few little escapades during our vacation and it was a blast! "Flip" is truly my best friend and the love of my life. I wouldn't want to take any adventure in life without him.

I'll leave you with some random pictures of a mini-Elvis, a mini-Marilyn Monroe, a Gold Elvis, an Alien, Street Performers and Hookers for your enjoyment!

Until next time, my blogging friends!


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Here's to you Mrs RevRee


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I met a guy and we're getting MARRIED!!!!!

Hello my blogging friends....anyone still around? (((echo00oo)))

I have some very exciting news to report! I will soon be changing my last name and I'll become "Mrs." RevRee!!! Well ok, as someone has already pointed out I'm not really marrying myself so in reality I won't be "Mrs. RevRee" but I'll actually be "Mrs. Big Phlip"!

ANYWAY, maybe I should start from the beginning...lets hop into my pretend Internets time machine and go back 2.5 years to the moment I met Phlip....

OK, I've already written about that moment so lets fast forward to 1 year after I met him.

Yeah, right about there. At this time on our relationship we had already started living in sin... (Hopefully my parents will NEVER read this blog so I should be safe) We were living life, things were going pretty well...we were living in a trailer saving up for a house....wait I've already blogged about this too...ALRIGHT FINE! (We got the house by the way and it's awesome!)

How about this, just last week my wonderful, amazing soul mate Phlip proposed to me! Wanna hear the story?!!! OK I'll tell you!

It was our usual Friday night date night. We had decided to have some crab legs (man I love me some crab legs!) ...We started our drive to the restaurant when suddenly Phlip turned the wrong direction of our destination...he looked over at me and smiled saying "I bet you're wondering where I'm going"... now I must admit, I kinda had an idea of what was about to go down, but I wasn't about to ruin this whole entire experience... So I just smiled back at him and said "I trust you"...

He kept driving around town and my mind was going a million miles a minute! Finally he said, "I'm going to ask you to trust me some more and close your eyes" I gave him the corner eye look and giggled a little and said "OK daddy!" (Stop laughing, I call him that's NOT creepy!)

We drove around some more for what seemed like hours...but actually it was only like 10 more minutes. Finally we stop, my eyes are still heart is racing in that wonderful, "I-know-something-amazing-is-about-to-happen-and-I-want-to-scream" kinda racing way!

He says to me, "Babe, you're gonna have to trust me just a little bit keep your eyes closed." He gets out of the car, comes around to my side and opens the door. He grabs both my hands and begins to guide me down this path...

He tells me to step up, he tells me to step down....he tells me to walk slowly, then he tells me to stop. He then takes me by the shoulders, slowly turns me around slightly, grabs both my hands again and says "ok baby open your eyes" ...

I slowly open my eyes and it's like we're in this magical world by a fountain with angles! I look down and he's on his knee in front of me. He looks right into my eyes and says...

"I love you RevRee, I've loved you since the day I met you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you... RevRee Ann will you marry me"

I start bawling!!! OMGosh! I was shaking and crying and I shouted "YES!" He got up and kissed me and wrapped his big arms around me and we embraced, holding onto each other so tight and it seems like time stood still as we shared this beautiful moment together.

I had dreamed about that very moment since I was a young girl. I had always day dreamed about what it was going to feel like to be in love and to be loved. It was everything I had dreamed and ever imagined. God has truly blessed me with this amazing man!

Now I gotta plan a wedding!! WOOOHOOO!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Homeless in the heat

Hello my blogging friends! I'm actually wondering if there's any of my blogging friends left?....Hello?.......

Ok, well I'm just gonna pretend that you're all still around and you're really excited to read my newest blog post!

As some of you might already know, last summer I moved in with my boyfriend Phlip. We moved in to what I like to call the "Shit Hole".

Now, before I go any further, I will simply say that we were able to stay in this "Shit Hole" for almost a year rent free! Due to his amazing mother we were able to do this in order to save to purchase a lovely home...God Bless her!

Anyway, needless to say we've been saving like mad for the last year. Back in march we were finally able to begin the process of applying for a home loan. We looked far and wide for THE perfect house.

Back in April, we found a super cute house and we decided to submit an offer to buy it. Great news, the sellers accepted our offer and the ball started to roll!

The closing day had been set for May 13th...everything was in place....we just had to wait for the rest of my paper work that was held up in abstract and titling. If you haven't figured out already, the closing day come and went WITHOUT us closing! The paperwork was STILL with the abstract and title company.

My goodness, it's taking everything in my power to even tell this story because it makes me tired and it also pisses me off!

So, in the meantime, Phlip's Mother (God Bless Her) found someone who wanted to actually buy the "Shit Hole" ....greats news, but yeah we're still living in the death trap!

By this time, it's the end of May, my 31st birthday, my sister's in town visiting with her man and we're all jammed packed in the "Shit Hole"...we get a phone call from Phlips momma (God Bless Her)

Big Momma W: "Hello, Hi RevRee! Did you guys close on your house?!!!"

RevRee: Ummm no, not yet we're still waiting on all the paper work...

Big Momma W: WHAT????? I just sold the "Shit Hole" to some crazy lady!

RevRee: Ummm yeah, we're still here alive and well, slowly dying in this Trailer of death....ha ha ha

Big Momma W: Well, I'll call the lady and ask her if you can stay until the end of June...

RevRee: Ok, that would be cool because we don't have anyplace to go until we close on the house...

Big Momma W: Would you be willing to pay her $200 to stay until the end of the month?

RevRee: ummm sure, I guess....I don't really have a choice do I?

Big Momma W: Not really...I'll see what I can do...

30 minutes later...

Big Momma W: RevReeeee....RevRee sweetie, she said if you can pay her $200 you can stay until the end of the month!

RevRee: well, alright I suppose I can deal with that.

1 week later...

Big Momma W: Hey RevRee sweetie, I just talked to that crazy lady who bought the "Shit Hole" she's gonna need you to be out by this weekend....

RevRee: WHAT??????????

Big Momma W: Yeah, she called and said she HAS to move in and she said you MUST be out by this weekend.

RevRee: NOOOOOO?????????

Big Momma W: I'm so so sorry that this has happened! She said you could stay until the end of the she's changed her mind...I'm so sorry! I should have gotten this all in writing...I'm so sorry!

RevRee: ......*extra, extra long pause*................alright, we'll be out by this weekend......

Needless to say, Phlip and I were a bit upset....just a bit *cough*....Now, listen, we realized his mother (God bless her) didn't do any of this on purpose or to be mean...she just got a little overly excited and went ahead of the PLAN and forgot about that one small detail...WE WERE STILL LIVING THERE!!!

ANYWAY, we frantically made some phone calls and finally got a hold of some very good friends who happened to live in a pretty huge house. They were totally cool about the whole thing and allowed us to moved all our crap into the lower level of their home.

Phlip and I moved all our Shit....EVERYTHING in 2 days!

Ok, so I thought I was super smart and that I'd be ahead of the game and have the power turned off on Friday...I was thinking it would be turned off sometime on Friday night...

BOY was I wrong!... I was totally wrong...see, they turned the power off at like 12am Friday morning...this caused us to have to pack up in the dead heat of daylight without any type of cooling system.

Ok, so come to find out, Phlip had to work all day on Friday, so is was up to me to get everything ready to load up when he got there.

THAT, my blogging friends was one of the roughest days of my entire life! I'll tell you what, seriously dude, the only thing I had to help was a bottle of ice cold water, a can of grape NOS, my ipod and my good friend "mj" came over a few times throughout the day.....*cough*

To make a long story, long...we did make it out of the "Death Trap/Shit Hole" safe and sound. But, due to the fact that I had the power turned off, we left that bitch high, dry and a dirty, filthy mess! HA!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

That Midnight Kiss

I'm about to share something not many people know about me. It's slightly embarrassing, a little pathetic and really kinda cute all at the same time....ok well at least that's how I view it.

ANYWAY, how many of you would be surprised to know that New Years of 2009 was the very first time I had ever been kissed at Midnight...true story.... Ok, now stop, just stop it! No, I'm not lying!

Listen, listen...Yeah, I'm 30 and this should have happened many times before. But it hasn't ALRIGHT! Good lord! Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. In past "New Years Midnight events" where a kiss should have taken place... I was either crying because some dude had broken my heart, or I was to busy dancing in the street with friends, or I was just plain drunk out of my mind to ease the pain....WOW! (that's really sad)

Back to my story. Phlip and I started the night off checking in to a very cozy, posh, hotel suite called "Motel 6" hahahah ok, it wasn't Motel 6 I swear! It was honestly a very hot, hotel suite. (If you'd like to see pictures I can show ya...THE HOTEL!)
After checking in, we met Phlip's sister, her husband and a few other friends at a little bar that I'll call "Orange Kush"... "Kush" for short (that isn't really the name of the bar, I just wanted to use that name instead because I'm a weirdo!)

When we arrived at the "Kush" there was already a table ready for all of us with party favors, Hawaiian lays and fun hats!
After having many, many, many, many drinks at the "Kush" , Hawaiian lays around our necks, silly hats on our heads, we decided to make our way to yet another bar to meet even more friends. I'll call this bar "Maui Wowie" ... "Wowie" for short (that isn't really the name of the bar, I just wanted to use that name instead because I'm a weirdo! HA!)

The "Wowie" was a happening place, I'll tell ya! This place had like 10 pool tables, a dance floor and a stage where people were actually singing Karaoke! I know, right! Awesome!
By the time we had a few drinks at "Maui Wowie", it was time for the Kiss at Midnight!!!
Phlip and I were standing together, as we all counted down to the last second. Then I hear the shouts coming from all over the bar "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" I turn and look up at Phlip and he gently grabs me, caresses my face, looks in to my eyes, he leans down and whispers in to my ear "happy new year baby" and then he kissed me...
Now, I'm not going to be one of THOSE people who's gonna try and actually describe the type of kiss that took place at that moment. All I'm gonna do is use a quote from the movie
"The Princess Bride" "Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind."

The moral to this story that probably only means anything to someone, is....well ME... Although I'm a grown woman, I'm honestly glad that I hadn't been kissed at Midnight on any other new years before that night. I will never forget it....ok I was super drunk and I've forgotten a lot about that night, I won't forget that moment...ever.