Tuesday, June 28, 2005


So I'm coming home last night from the bar...walking up the stairs to my apartment and I come across this huge THING!

At first I freeze out of complete fear of my very life...I say to myself out loud, "What the Fu@k? Is that a bat?" It starts flapping its wings and I freak out...AHHHHHHHHHH I scream and pass out! True story!

Finally when I regain consciousness I look up at the ceiling, and I see that it's a Beautiful Butterfly....I slowly pull out my camera phone and snap a pic! I thought I'd share my little "adventure"! I was freaked out! That thing could have eaten me alive! AHHHHHH

True Story!

Friday, June 24, 2005



Why are people so obsessed with Tom Cruise? I mean seriously. He's been in the news wayyyy too much. Let's face it people, the guy's kinda creepy in that crazy eyes kinda way! He was on Oprah yesterday (Hey I have to watch Oprah I work in a tv station) He's a wild man!

Ok, I admit I like a few movies he's been in...but he's not the best Actor out there! Why is TOM CRUISE so damn popular?

I wish people would start to see the true things of beauty in life instead of being blinded by glitz and glamor.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

I Wish We...

I wish we could talk.

I can’t sleep.

“Dwelling pathetic me”

Is that who; I have become?

Have you moved on?

Do you think of me at all?

It seems forgetfulness came so easy for you.

Yet here I am.

Still helpless in the hope that you can still feel and hear my cry.

Was it all just a silly idea?

You and me, that sense of each others pain or joy.

I’ve lost you.

Knowing you’re there, but that feeling is gone.

Were did you go?

I have no idea where I am or where I’m going.

Can I come too?

Hoping, always hoping tonight you’ll be there.

Only to find you’re still gone

I just wish, I wish we…I wish we could talk.