Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Screaming as means of communication???

The other night I was out with friends. We were sitting out on the patio, having a beer. You know, just relaxing in the middle of a very good conversation about relationships and true love.

This couple across the way, starts arguing. Both were completely intoxicated. The argument quickly turned into a shouting match that leads to violent hard core language.

The woman was screaming at the top of her lungs bloody murder, as she stumbled over each word while the guy just kept saying "Shut the fuck up!" over and over again.

As we all sat there, we started to get an idea of what they were fighting about. The argument was all about money. Not financial problems, but who made more money. These people were having a domestic dispute in a public area over who made more money.

Now, first of all, I've NEVER been in a relationship where screaming was a means of communication or telling the one I love "I hate them". I find it so ugly when couples call each other names, fight in public and say the most nasty things to each other all the while drunk off their ass. How unattractive is that?

I want to know what's wrong with these kinds of people? Where did they learn this? Who told them it was ok to speak to anyone let alone the person they supposedly "love" in such a grotesque way.

I wanted to slap these two people and say "You have got to be kidding me! You two are making complete fools of yourselves, sloppy ass drunk! Fighting over who makes more money? WHAT is wrong with you? This is not healthy, it's not right! Learn some respect for yourself! Lean to respect each other! Now shut the hell up, I'm trying to drink over here!"

Monday, July 11, 2005

Who am I?

I have this friend, she said to me the other day "I wish I were Latina" My friend isn't Latino, she's Irish/Italian.

For the last year or so she's been actively involved with the Latin community, taking salsa dancing, tanning more (fake bake, in hopes of becoming darker), learning Spanish, only dating Latino men...that kind of thing. This slightly bothers me.

Why do people want to become something they're not? I have no problem with her or anyone getting involved in different cultures, learning new languages, experiencing wonderful things about other communities, I think that's great, it's healthy and educational.

I just want to know why she feels she needs to change who she is, where she came from, her own culture, community and race to become something else?