Saturday, August 05, 2006

Embarrassing moment #69

So last night I went out again with friends, for another birthday party. We first started at a house, and as I'm sure a lot of you know, at house parties...the booze is neverending! I, as always brought my own selection of pricey vodka and "festive" lime juice. (It's good stuff, trust me!)

I'm standing outside talking with a few people about a recent film festival, as my friend "Wilma" is walking past me to go inside. I sweetly ask her if she would make me a drink while she was in there. She smiles evilly and says "sure...." I didn't think anything of it at the time. She walks back outside and hands me my drink. I take one sip SHIT! my mouth was on fire!

That little freak hardly put any of my "festive" lime juice in there at all! That Bitch! I choke back another sip and another and another. Then all of a sudden, it wasn't so bad after all. In fact, it started tasting pretty damn good!

Finally it was time to do a little bar hopping. So everyone starts walking... yes, I said walk! We may be drunks, but we're responsable drunks!

Anyway, we all walked about 3 blocks to a local bar for some more drinking. There was quite a few of us, so some people were standing, some were sitting at the bar, the rest of us had a table. We pretty much filled the place up.

We order our drinks, I also order a water. We're sitting at this round table, having a great time. All of a sudden, just as I take a huge suck of water through my straw, my friend "Gus" says something extremly funny and I not only burst out laughing, but the water in my mouth sprays all over the entire table!!!!!!

I crack up even more, as the water just kept flying, I couldn't stop! I sunk down in my chair, hiding my face as everyone's laughing at me. I try to say that I'm sorry, but the words just wouldn't come out. Every time I started to speak, I'd lose my words with laughter!

God, I hate when that happens! I mean, not that it's happened before or anything...

Hey, at least it was only water....right?


Blogger DS said...

that is embaressing but at least it was not beer, or liquer because that would burn

Sat Aug 05, 09:23:00 PM  
Blogger Gadzilla said...

And atleast the man of your dreams didn't see the incriminating photos.. yet.. I take cash bribes. ;)

Sat Aug 05, 10:23:00 PM  
Anonymous Cash said...

#69??? Bwa ha ha

Sun Aug 06, 01:22:00 AM  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Yeah, once I saw that it was number 69 I was semi aroused, but then...even though it was a funny story and I enjoyed it very much, flacidity had returned to my land "down under".

Sun Aug 06, 08:26:00 AM  
Blogger Mighty Dyckerson said...

I know how you feel. Once, I laughed so hard, I crapped my pants. Fortunately I was wearing brown pants, so you couldn't see the stain.

Sun Aug 06, 06:13:00 PM  
Blogger mckay said...

laughter is good for the soul :0)

Thu Aug 10, 01:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Sat Oct 07, 07:07:00 AM  

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