Saturday, October 08, 2005

Shape Shifter

Today I did laundry. I went to a laundromat, in hopes of getting all my crap washed fast and efficiently. Ok, so I have a lot of clothes...I took up maybe 10 washers, 10 dryers. While my clothes were in the wash, I had lunch with a friend right across the street...a little Chinese place (whole other story. Another place, another time)

Anyway, I get back in time, every things great, right? I proceed to load my clothes into many, many dryers. Taking up pretty much the entire place. Listen, the place was empty, alright! Stop judging me!

After loading the dryers, I leave to do a little shopping. I'm gone maybe 30, 45 minutes. NOT that long! When I walk in, the place is packed with people. Mostly old people. It was like some senior citizens tour bus on it's way to Silver Dollar City, first made a stop at the laundromat.

I walk over to my line of dryers and begin to unload them. I look over and one dryer is filled with someone else's clothes. This old man comes up behind me, gets real close and says in this creepy voice..."I put your panties on the table over there" I turn around real quick like, jumping back as I say to him as kindly as possible " Why, thank you, that was very ummm kind... I keep folding, not wanting to make eye contact with

The old guy starts watching me, as I fold my clothes. I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable by this point. He starts talking..."You know, it's not very cool to leave while your clothes are in the dryer. Even though they WERE your panties. I don't mine, panties. But it COULD have pissed someone else off and THAT would have been bad... By this time, I'm pretty much freaked out. I felt dirty, I felt violated. I turn around, I stop folding my clothes, I look right in the pale eyes of this dirty old man. We're in a stare down, we look at each other for what seems like hours. All of a sudden he turns around and walks out, empty handed. As he is leaving, I see a lady taking clothes out of the dryer that once held my under garments. WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS GUY DOING THERE?????? WHAT DID HE WANT???

I'm wondering, could this be the same man ( See -The Mystery of the Tall Dark Man- ) who my friend "Sue" saw? Could it be he's some type of shape shifter and changed to appear as an old man?


Blogger Mighty Dyckerson said...


So did you count your panties to see if the old guy kept a pair for himself? He might have been hoping to put you through a spin cycle, if you know what I'm sayin'....

Sat Oct 08, 05:13:00 PM  
Blogger Frank McBoob said...

He probably got into your panties tonight.

How unfortunate.

I did laundry the other day and I took up two washers... I am nothing compared to the almight RevRee... You're amazing.

Frank U. McBoob

Sun Oct 09, 12:46:00 AM  
Blogger dag said...

Stare Down Contest...interesting. It only takes a few pounds of pressure to break a kneecap by jumping on it.

Sun Oct 09, 05:43:00 AM  

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