Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Mystery of the Tall Dark Man

So one of my good friends...lets call her "Sue", had a little dinner party at her place for a few friends. We were all enjoying some Suki, having a little sushi, you know the usual single people crap.

Anyway, after a few 5 bottle of Suki, "Sue" comes running out of her bedroom screaming!! AHHHHHHHH did you guys see that????? AHHHHH!!! the light in my bedroom went out on it's own! Then, it came back up on again! AHHHHHH!!"" We're all of course like, "YEAH RIGHT, "Sue" hahaha, you're so cute when you're drunk" She continues to tell a little tale of horror, it happened to her one stormy night...

"Sue" was laying in bed, her roommate came home around 3am. He walks in the front door. (she keeps her bedroom door open when sleeping because she's a little scaredy cat) She's a very light sleeper so she wakes up as he walks in. Behind him is a man, about 6'4, dark hair, dark clothes, dressed as though he had been out on the town all night. The roommate proceeds into the apartment to his bedroom, the man was following right behind him. But, he (the man) stops when walking past "Sue's" bedroom, he stops, looks down at her, standing there watching her for what seems to be eternity. She sees him and pulls the covers over her head to hide like the little child that she is.

The next morning, she hears her roommate get in to the shower. While he's in the shower she hears someone walking around the apartment, rummaging around, going through cupboards, closets and such. She thinks to herself "Why the HELL is my roommate allowing this PERSON to freely roam around our place" She's a bit pissed off at this point.

Later on that day, she says to her roommate "You know, I don't care of you bring one of your "club" friends home with you, but I'm not really comfortable with them rummaging around the house going through our stuff..." The roommate cuts her off "What are you talking about?" "Sue" goes on to say how he had brought someone home with him the night before. The roommate says "I didn't bring anyone home with me last night "Sue" I came home alone" "Sue" Begins to tell him how she saw a tall dark man walking right behind him, stopping to look at her and then continuing to follow the roommate to his room. She also went on to tell him she heard him walking around the place that very morning. Roommate says "I thought that was you?" "Sue" says "NO!!!" Roommate says "then who did I hear?"

What does it all mean??? Is the apartment haunted? Why are lights going on and off by themselves??? Why is "Sue" seeing strange men watching her???

The mystery continues...I'll keep you updated.


Blogger Mighty Dyckerson said...

It's a little early for Halloween stories, ain't it?

Wed Oct 05, 09:58:00 PM  
Blogger John's Big Head said...

Let's call her Mary instead. And let's have cornflakes pouring from ax wounds in her hands. Love your gramma.

Thu Oct 06, 08:33:00 AM  
Blogger Frank McBoob said...

Wow. That was an amazing story.

It thoroughly freaked me out, though not as much as the time I opened my cupboard to find an entire colony of an African tribe living next to my marshmallows. I said, what are you doing? They couldn't understand me. I slammed the cupboard closed and ran in circles screaming in my kitchen for the next 32 minutes. When I opened my cupboard... the tribe was gone, but they also took my marshmallows.

Little bastards.

Frank U. McBoob

Fri Oct 07, 02:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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