Monday, June 29, 2009

Homeless in the heat

Hello my blogging friends! I'm actually wondering if there's any of my blogging friends left?....Hello?.......

Ok, well I'm just gonna pretend that you're all still around and you're really excited to read my newest blog post!

As some of you might already know, last summer I moved in with my boyfriend Phlip. We moved in to what I like to call the "Shit Hole".

Now, before I go any further, I will simply say that we were able to stay in this "Shit Hole" for almost a year rent free! Due to his amazing mother we were able to do this in order to save to purchase a lovely home...God Bless her!

Anyway, needless to say we've been saving like mad for the last year. Back in march we were finally able to begin the process of applying for a home loan. We looked far and wide for THE perfect house.

Back in April, we found a super cute house and we decided to submit an offer to buy it. Great news, the sellers accepted our offer and the ball started to roll!

The closing day had been set for May 13th...everything was in place....we just had to wait for the rest of my paper work that was held up in abstract and titling. If you haven't figured out already, the closing day come and went WITHOUT us closing! The paperwork was STILL with the abstract and title company.

My goodness, it's taking everything in my power to even tell this story because it makes me tired and it also pisses me off!

So, in the meantime, Phlip's Mother (God Bless Her) found someone who wanted to actually buy the "Shit Hole" ....greats news, but yeah we're still living in the death trap!

By this time, it's the end of May, my 31st birthday, my sister's in town visiting with her man and we're all jammed packed in the "Shit Hole"...we get a phone call from Phlips momma (God Bless Her)

Big Momma W: "Hello, Hi RevRee! Did you guys close on your house?!!!"

RevRee: Ummm no, not yet we're still waiting on all the paper work...

Big Momma W: WHAT????? I just sold the "Shit Hole" to some crazy lady!

RevRee: Ummm yeah, we're still here alive and well, slowly dying in this Trailer of death....ha ha ha

Big Momma W: Well, I'll call the lady and ask her if you can stay until the end of June...

RevRee: Ok, that would be cool because we don't have anyplace to go until we close on the house...

Big Momma W: Would you be willing to pay her $200 to stay until the end of the month?

RevRee: ummm sure, I guess....I don't really have a choice do I?

Big Momma W: Not really...I'll see what I can do...

30 minutes later...

Big Momma W: RevReeeee....RevRee sweetie, she said if you can pay her $200 you can stay until the end of the month!

RevRee: well, alright I suppose I can deal with that.

1 week later...

Big Momma W: Hey RevRee sweetie, I just talked to that crazy lady who bought the "Shit Hole" she's gonna need you to be out by this weekend....

RevRee: WHAT??????????

Big Momma W: Yeah, she called and said she HAS to move in and she said you MUST be out by this weekend.

RevRee: NOOOOOO?????????

Big Momma W: I'm so so sorry that this has happened! She said you could stay until the end of the she's changed her mind...I'm so sorry! I should have gotten this all in writing...I'm so sorry!

RevRee: ......*extra, extra long pause*................alright, we'll be out by this weekend......

Needless to say, Phlip and I were a bit upset....just a bit *cough*....Now, listen, we realized his mother (God bless her) didn't do any of this on purpose or to be mean...she just got a little overly excited and went ahead of the PLAN and forgot about that one small detail...WE WERE STILL LIVING THERE!!!

ANYWAY, we frantically made some phone calls and finally got a hold of some very good friends who happened to live in a pretty huge house. They were totally cool about the whole thing and allowed us to moved all our crap into the lower level of their home.

Phlip and I moved all our Shit....EVERYTHING in 2 days!

Ok, so I thought I was super smart and that I'd be ahead of the game and have the power turned off on Friday...I was thinking it would be turned off sometime on Friday night...

BOY was I wrong!... I was totally wrong...see, they turned the power off at like 12am Friday morning...this caused us to have to pack up in the dead heat of daylight without any type of cooling system.

Ok, so come to find out, Phlip had to work all day on Friday, so is was up to me to get everything ready to load up when he got there.

THAT, my blogging friends was one of the roughest days of my entire life! I'll tell you what, seriously dude, the only thing I had to help was a bottle of ice cold water, a can of grape NOS, my ipod and my good friend "mj" came over a few times throughout the day.....*cough*

To make a long story, long...we did make it out of the "Death Trap/Shit Hole" safe and sound. But, due to the fact that I had the power turned off, we left that bitch high, dry and a dirty, filthy mess! HA!